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Save your time, simplify admin tasks & Improve your Customer's experience..........
Hotel records are expensive to maintain in terms of
amount of physical space
And accessibility

The manual records means itself is a challenge

  • Can result in loss of production
  • And fragmentation
  • Easy to be manipulated
  • Pave way for thefts

After conducting intensive research, reports analysis and needs
All the factors have been put in consideration to come up with stable multidimensional solution
Now, here is all you need

♻️ Staff registration to register all employees under their respective department.

♻️Room management to register all rooms of the hotels such as categories, numbers, rates and status.

♻️Reservation management to manage both websites and system reservation.

*It also manages check-in and check-out clearance procedures.

♻️Accounting management to manage all accounting functions like expenses and incomes records.

♻️Inventory management to keep track of items stocking, item issued out and available quantity.

♻️ Requisition management to manage items and materials request and approval from all department.

♻️Restaurant & Bar management which creates menu lists, generates orders from both non reserved and reserved guests.

♻️Information management to upload and keep all employee's record like letters, contract, important contacts.

♻️Leave management to manage all staffs leaves, track leaves and reporting date.

♻️Conference hall management to manage it's booking,check-in and check-outs of conference halls.

♻️Language management, you can operate the system through any standard language

♻️Reports management you will be able to manage all reports and in standard format.

While doing all that just for you
We are also ready to customize it to meet your additional needs.
Remember, we go with latest trends, tools and technology.
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