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⬇️To Microfinance Institutions!⬇️

You need a reliable support system to be able to manage your day to day transactions related to lending and all activities involved.

🚨A software specifically designed and developed with the aim of providing your institution with a secure, user friendly platform that will help you in streamlining the process of
💵Collecting payments
📊Creating reports
📁Tracking outstanding debts in an efficient manner

With the help of automated features, like;-
➡️Automated payment reminders.
➡️Transaction history tracking.
➡️Integrated account management tools.

🚨Now what more can you do with the microfinance management system ??

📍You can create loan profile for borrowers.
📍You can get a clear picture of their financial standing.
📍You can see payments received on time.
📍You can see payments delayed.
📍You can see the total outstanding balance of the loan.
📍You can extend loans to eligible borrowers quickly.
📍You can access all your data easily and remotely.

Now, here is more out of it:
▪️Save your time and expenditure associated with loan management processes - say goodbye 👋 to lost time in tracking critical data related to your organization and customers

▪️Protect your customer's data- In the decision making process like, loan approvals etc secured data will help you in making more informed decisions.

▪️Simplify your accounting jobs like reconciliation and reporting.

▪️Automated customer management- onboarding, loan initiation, repayment schedules and collection.Quick resolution of customer queries with it's personalized customer service tools.

▪️Automated risk analysis- access and identify your customer's creditworthiness before the approval of loans takes place. How??, You can easily determine an individual's or business credit rating by accessing their past credit history, debt levels, income sources and other criteria that are essential for developing an accurate risk profile.

.......Get a customized system to Carter your needs a as it can also be integrated with other systems such as accounting, financial management etc.Also a field operations process, which is covered in smartphone applications for field officers.

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