06 Mar , 2024. Wed


Did you know that in the early 2000s, is when inventory management system progressed to the point where business people no longer needed to input data by hand but could update their database through systems?

It's cool, how you and I can now use IMS manage our inventories.

......Let me tell you few purposes of this amazing system( Inventory management system)⬇️

🚛 Maintaining a balance between too much and too little inventory.
🚛Tracking inventory as it is transported between locations.
🚛Receiving items into a warehouse or other location.
🚛Picking, packing and shipping items from a warehouse.
🚛Keeping track of product sales and inventory levels.
🚛Cutting down on product obsolescence and spoilage.
🚛Avoiding missing out on sales due to out-of-stock situations.

Now...........I know what you are all thinking😊That I have mentioned few😔......➡️Well, it's because I can't finish them all, as we make a customized one.That means whatever ideas you have in mind we got you covered😊👊🏾.

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