12 Jun , 2024. Wed


Why you should focus on inventory management as an SME business owner

hashtag#inventorymanagement is a critical aspect in determining progress of a business whether small, medium or a large entreprise.

It is however not uncommon to hear, read or witness businesses with projected success going under, simply because of poor inventory control.

Business owners within SMEs often bear the burden of sourcing stock at affordable market rates, keeping track of how stock is flowing out, overseeing payment of suppliers, dealing with ‘difficult’ suppliers and customers, among other challenges.

In such situations, some owners see it as a cost-effective plan to do it all. Here’s how- to save money that could be used to install inventory software or inventory controller, save costs of training staff members on the newly installed inventory management system…

It is however ironical that with time, this owner ends up spending much more trying to salvage the entreprise when bad reviews from clients start to come in, suppliers demand payment for stock which is now stale, demand shoots while stock is inadequate. It becomes worse if the business is not breaking even at the least.

The advent of IT-related businesses such as hashtag#ufanisiafrica has made it easier for all entreprises to optimize inventory management for efficiency through the Africaner Inventory Management System.

You are assured of a user-friendly system equipped with the latest trends and technology. As a business owner, you are taken through the entire process of system installation, giving you a chance to raise any queries and receive training on usability of the system.

Ufanisi Africa also provides remote-monitoring capacity for business owners particularly for SMEs who carry the burden of overseeing business operations. It becomes easier to track supplies, flow of stock, customer payments and so on.

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