06 Jul , 2024. Sat

Understanding Customer Management in Inventory Management System

In efforts to remain competitive in the market, businesses provide incentives to attain loyalty of customers. Such may include; discounts, issuing goods on credit basis, and so on.

However, some businesses have incurred losses due to lack of proper planning and record-keeping. The #Africaner_inventory management system developed by #ufanisiafrica offers multi-dimensional solutions to business owners.

Now, businesses can easily keep digitized records of their customers and amount of goods purchased. For those who allow credit payments, the system saves the customer’s repayment history. This way, an owner does not require the customer to present a receipt for confirmation of debt clearance.

The inventory management system may also be integrated with a bulk SMS system to send out texts to customers reminding them of their due instalments.

It gets better! Did you know you can determine which customers to offer discounts to? All made possible through Africaner inventory management system!

Reach out today through sales@ufanisiafrica.com or ufanisiafrica@gmail.com for this efficient plan. Africaner Inventory Management System is the ultimate tool for your business.