06 Jul , 2024. Sat

Tips for loan businesses to fast-track credit risk analysis

Credit risk in loan businesses is always a jittery matter as they strive to expand their customer base and get a bigger share of the market. This is made difficult when reconciling reports to assess progress of loan repayments.

The #Africaner_loan management system developed by #ufanisiafrica is easing the burden for businesses by streamlining this process and making credit analysis more accurate. The system;

✅️Automatically updates itself when a client pays loan instalments

✅️Generates real time reports of loans which are actively being serviced

✅️Produces timely reports of loan amounts disbursed

✅️Generates detailed reports of pending loan instalments

Using this information, the system can be tailored to fast track credit analysis process by the directors. This way, they can adjust their regulations to either disburse more loans or tighten requirements.

Not forgetting, mobile integration may also be embedded into this loan management system to send out bulk SMSs to clients, reminding them of their due instalments.

Reach out today for this plan through sales@ufanisiafrica.com or ufanisiafrica@gmail.com

Africaner Loan Management System is the ultimate management tool for your loan business.