06 Jul , 2024. Sat

Sad reality of loss of millions in hospitals

Inventory (mis)management in hospitals has landed many directors in court for fraud and embezzlement. It is never easy to keep track of all medical and non-medical items especially in large facilities.

The #Africaner_hospital management system developed by #ufanisiafrica reduces risk of fraud and theft by streamlining inventory management. This system;

✅️Tracks medical and non-medical items ordered from suppliers

✅️Automatically generates invoice for items ordered

✅️Updates items received in hospitals during delivery

✅️Segregates items into different ‘stores’ for diverse departments

✅️Shows records of items requested from ‘stores’ to different departments

✅️Automatically updates system once items leave the store

✅️Generates report for items which need restocking

To address a hospital’s specific needs, Africaner hospital management system can be tailored to offer additional solutions such as e-payment direct to suppliers. Let’s answer all your queries and work together. Email us through sales@ufanisiafrica.com or ufanisiafrica@gmail.com.

Africaner Hospital Management System is the ultimate management tool for your hospital business.