06 Jul , 2024. Sat

Insurance Payment in Pharmacies

Did you know that your medical insurance cover can cover costs even at a pharmacy? With the growing market, pharmacies have been pushed to advance tactics of accommodating more clients, and insurance is one good plan.

To alleviate losses that accrue with insurance claims, #Africaner_pharmacy management system enables pharmacy businesses organize insurance data in an up to date network. The system;

✅️Shows which products are covered by insurance companies and those which are not

✅️Automatically separates the total bill into cash and insurance payments for the client

✅️Shows the limit of payment that can be covered by the client’s insurance policy

✅️Auto-generates daily reports determining amount of insurance claims and cash payments

✅️Makes it easy for the pharmacy to claim insurance dues from the companies

So efficient is the system that when a client walks into a pharmacy with their insurance card, it takes less a minute to derive all this information.

For more info about this plan contact us through sales@ufanisiafrica.com or ufanisiafrica@gmail.com.

Africaner Pharmacy Management System is the ultimate management tool for your pharmacy business.