06 Jul , 2024. Sat

How well do you know your security guard?

Do you know the name of that security guard outside your business premises? Perhaps this is information which many business owners lack or cannot keep up with overtime. Such errors may arise from the security company slacking in giving updated records about their guards.

The #Africaner_security management system enables security companies stay ahead of time through a robust guard registration process. Here, profile information including names, guarantors, site assigned, history of criminal offences, is all noted down.

Supervisors can also create working schedules on the guard’s digital profile and share with them. It is then possible for a guard to know where to report to, and their shift schedule for a month.

A business owner is allowed access to this information and may approve or request for change of a guard assigned to their premises. Now once this guard arrives on site, their supervisor checks in with the system to confirm their details and any items which may be given upon assignment. For instance; gun, torch, phone, and so on.

When this guard is done with their shift, their supervisor on site revisits the records to confirm which items had been assigned to the guard and asks for their return, making the process manageable where a huge number of security guards is involved.

Acquire this system from #ufanisiafrica by contacting us through ufanisiafrica@gmail.com or sales@ufanisiafrica.com . Africaner Security Management System is the ultimate management tool for your security business.