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Clients Testimonials

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I worked for Acashier Gold Mining for many years, we used to have an european system while carrying out our daily duties so after left I decided to open up my company. I started looking for company to do for me the automatic inventory and sales system same like that I used at Acashier after fed up with limitations of functions from desktop based software. I got several companies who did poor work until I worked with Ufanisi Africa. They did for us a great system which has simplified our works, everything is automatic without hustle. We manage all our sites and stock flow.

JDS.AFRICA CO. LTD Mr. Fessary Jimmy / Director/ JDS.AFRICA CO. LTD

I appreciate the work done by Ufanisi Burundi, we gave them a work to develop our system, the system which failed many software companies here but Ufanisi produced it in a very short time and it's well done according to our small details.

Liquids Mr. Christian Nkayilu / Director of Marketing and Sales/ Liquids

Ufanisi won the bid to do for us the website from other rival companies, so we knew from the beginning they could do something great for us. Our website is the among the best here, we are happy for it, we look forward to award Ufanisi Burundi more works.

Burundi Ministry of Trade Samson Nijimbere / Minister Advisor/ Burundi Ministry of Trade

The website look great and modern, everything is being updated there, we like it.

Sofotec Mr Alex Harimenshi / Chief Executive Officer/ Sofotec

Before Ufanisi Africa came to our school, I never used to take website seriously, but after they explained each and everything, I decided to try out. Honestly since then, our life has been simplified, parents can find information about our school without calling for explanation, to edit information is much easier and so on.. each and everything is online. We thank Ufanisi for opened our eyes.

Elite Junior School Mr John B. Nkwanga / Director/ Elite Junior School

Ufanisi has been superb on many things they have done with us, from our computers, networking, advertising and even video recording, we have been enjoying their works since we started to use them.

Others Luhemeja Sona / Hospital Secretary/ Others

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