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Nov 15

Products and services

Products and services

Ufanisi ICT solutions and Research LTD is a technology oriented business support services firm which offers services within the scope of ICT ,Business Development and Media Solutions thereby helping organizations identify and define the strategies, processes, capabilities and metrics required to execute business goals and objectives.

That company offers different types of products and services; Services are Web design, graphic design, web hosting, website improvement, professional Mailing service, etc. Products are:

  • Africaner Micro finance management system that manages member registration, members groups , loans products, loans applications, savings products, end of day procedures, all accounting i.e. general ledger, bank reconciliation, receipts, credits and financial reports etc.
  • Africaner School management system that manages all academic functions i.e. exams, marks, reports etc.; all accounting functions i.e. school fees, payroll, financial statement, staff and non-staff information registration, parents information capturing, integrated with bulky sms platform for school fee balance remainder to parents
  • Africaner Law firm management system that manages cases, lawyers, clients, all accounting functions, human resources functions and it generates all types of reports
  • Africaner Hotel management system that manages rooms, all reservation functions i.e. check in ,check out etc. ; bar and restaurant i.e. automatic menu, pay slip, halls and gardens, all accounting functions i.e. sales , pay roll ,financial statement, inventory, hotel departments and designations and employees
  • Africaner Inventory management tool that manages suppliers, products, orders, stocks, stores, sales, and provides sales report
  • Africaner Human resource management that manages employee’s registration, employee’s documents, other form of payments made to employees i.e. loans, employees leave requests, payroll and provides employee’s reports
  • Africaner Security management tool that manages branches, registers and manages staffs, parameters, clients, manages all accounting functions, all documents, the inventory, and creates reports for top management
  • Africaner Colleges management system that manages students course application and admission, student’s registration and enrollment, registration of teaching and non-teaching staff, registration and assignment of course units, academic functions, the accounting functions, the inventory of the college, provides accounting and academic information to each student and creates different reports for top management
  •  Africaner Hospital management system that registers medical and non-medical staff, manages patient information, all accounting functions, all doctor functions, all laboratory functions, nurse functions, pharmacy functions, and the hospital inventory.

All these products can be customized further to meet your specific needs.

By Ange Daniella Marketing and Public Relations Officer

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