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Sep 24

Hello Burundian People!

Hello Burundian People!

Did you ever wonder how to avoid long waiting line at the hospitals? Did you ever wonder how you can solve the issue of waiting for the payment in the restaurant? Ufanisi Africa is your solution.

"If you are not learning something new each day, you are not testing," said Gerald Weinberg Ufanisi Africa is an international company which has the best technology management system to Support business. Did you ever wonder how you manage your college, your hotel or your hospitals? Ufanisi Africa has brought you the best IT solution to manage your companies. For instance, Ufanisi Africa presents Africaner Hospital management system, Africaner Hotel management system, and Africaner security guard management system.

 In addition to those gorgeous systems, we also do web development and design, applications, CCTV cameras installation, fingerprints configuration, security management system.


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  • Eddy

    Aller de l'avant, vous êtes une voie de developpement durable au Burundi....

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