About Us What Makes us Tick!!

Our Vision

To inspire African Creativity and Quality in CIT and Business era in the whole Africa in order to improve and simplify their way of living with our quality products and services.

Our Mission

To provide reliable and quality CIT and Advertisement/Branding services and products to individuals, non-profitable and business corporates at economical price and reasonable time frame across East Africa.

Our Objective

To produce quality and affordable web desktop and mobile application to offer services in Africa.

To provide quality and creative multimedia, advertisements and branding services in Africa

Who is Ufanisi Africa?

Ufanisi ICT Solutions and Research LTD is a technology oriented business support services firm which offers services within the scope of ICT, Business Development and Media Solutions thereby helping organizations identify and define the strategies, processes, capabilities and metrics required to execute business goals and objectives. We apply our insight and expertise to help an organization achieve its business goals.

Ufanisi ICT Solutions and Research LTD provides all IT solutions. We are not just any IT solution company; we focus on creating unique services for our individual customers with a new twist which guarantee maximum quality.

We have a team of well-educated and trained professionals who are willing and able to tackle any challenges presented to them at the shortest time possible keeping in mind production of high quality services.