06 Jul , 2024. Sat

Understanding Site Control in Security Management Systems

Security guard companies have been pushed to go a notch higher in their operations in order to remain relevant. Keeping in mind that some of these companies employ over 300 guards, it is imperative to stay ahead in technological trends.

Site management is one critical area for security guard companies. This component, which is embedded in the #Africaner_security management system, handles all site information including;

✅️Area map of the site

✅️Photos of the premises

✅️Critical security points within the site

✅️Access limits within the site

✅️Security supervisor managing the site

✅️Number of security guards assigned to the site

✅️Profile and schedule of each guard posted to the site

This system is further advanced to record all equipment handed to each security guard on site, either temporarily or permanently. Remember that in some sites, security guards may need armory and other devices. The system makes it easier for the site supervisor to track equipment during hand over.

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Africaner Security Management System is the ultimate management tool for your security business.